The calm before the storm…

We woke up this morning to beautiful clear skies, and absolute calm conditions. The complete opposite to the last few days.

Managed to take some great coastal photographs that I will post when I get back home in the New Year. The UK coastline is so beautiful and I’m amazed that we continue to find new bays, new cliffs and new caves every time we come down to the peninsula, even though we have been coming down for the last 10 years. Today has been no different. We drove down to a beach area that we go to frequently, probably one of the closest to the house, but instead of exploring the beach, we decided to walk along the cliff tops, taking advantage of the public footpaths that crisscross the area.

Lo and behold, within minutes, we found an amazing waterfall leading down to a craggy outlet with a couple of amazing caves. How we haven’t seen this before, I just don’t know.

We took full advantage of the day, knowing that tonight the weather was about to close in again, with 3 weeks worth of rain expected overnight so batten down the hatches, get the fire roaring, a nice bottle of read and candles twinkling.