Boxing Day traditions

26.12.13. We have a pretty special Boxing Day tradition.

A group of us who all met when our children were in nursery together get together and go for a walk, over the fields. It’s the same walk every year, starting off at roughly the same time, and culminating with turkey sandwiches, hot chocolate and more vino when we get back. We must have done the walk now for at least 6/7 years and each year, the children have their photograph taken on the same rock – wow, how they gave grown!

We have some amazing memories of these walks, each recounted and embellished as each year passes. One of my favourites was when one of the mummies got stuck in the mud, and when helped by another (who sadly passed away a few years back) both ended up on their backsides – a YouTube Classic.

So today has been no exception – same walk, with the same group – just a great way to blow off the cobwebs from yesterday.

What traditions do you have?