Three sleeps to go…

22.12.13 – only three sleeps until Christmas is with us once again.

A day of final preparation today, last minute shopping (well technically not last minute, given that there is still two days to go) but certainly felt like it was last minute in the city. Lots of people had the same idea as me and all decided to buy things all at the same time, I’m sure, given the lengths of the queues.

Decided to let the train take the strain, rather than drive in. All the carriages needed was a steam train at the front and they would have looked contemporary! They were dreadful, dirty and must have been 40/50 years old. So much for the great British railway!
Arrived at one of the less fashionable stations which I’m glad to say is in the midst of a major rework – not before time I must say!
Looking at the pictures though, it will look pretty impressive when complete.

So the city was busy, the shops were packed, temperatures were soaring (the parents at least) and the language was sometime very rudimentary, but we made it through and after a return journey on a slightly more luxurious train ( very slightly), I eventually settled down with a nice glass of red to watch the final episode of Homeland. What a disappointment! Just when I was expecting a twist in the tail, it just fizzled out! Very unusual for such a franchise, who often leave a tease for the next series.

If there isn’t to be another series, the end was very poor. After some strong story lines, that was a disappointment. We’ll have to wait and see.