Am I the only one to get so frustrated with BT?

28.12.2013. We have come down to our cottage by the coast for New Year. It’s so beautiful and we’ve been looking forward to long walks on the beach and along the coastal trail, as well as having some time to complete a few projects and research others.

The Boxing Day storms resulted in our telephone line and broadband service being interrupted and once the storms had calmed down, I investigated the damage. In my simplistic view, it looks like the telephone wires have become intertwined with the trees that surround the cottage, resulting in the line not working.

I reported the fault to BT, only to be told that there wasn’t a problem! If there wasn’t a problem, why would I have walked a mile from the house to pick up a mobile signal, waited 30 minutes in a queue for BT to answer and then have to go through a pre scripted process with someone based in India – so frustrating!

I was then informed that they couldn’t get a engineer out until the afternoon of the 2nd Jan!

So all of my best laid plans have been completely scuppered by a company that still is in many areas, and certainly acts like the monopoly that they once were. Thanks BT. For nothing.

It is interesting to see how dependent we have become on the internet to do relatively simple things, like paying bills, researching holiday destinations and finding out about opening times for shops etc. Yes, it wasn’t so long ago that all this capability didn’t exist, but once it is available, the old sources of information quickly disappear. Yellow pages for instance or Teletext?

Because of this, it is even more essential that our service providers put in place effective fit for purpose recovery plans to ensure that life isn’t too disrupted when things go wrong and that doesn’t mean 15 minutes of auto responders before joining a queue to speak to someone, it doesn’t mean stating that a telecommunications company can’t take action and then call you back, because external calls have been ‘ blocked’, and it certainly doesn’t mean having to wait more than 5 days to resolve my problems!