Do you have a birthday over the Christmas period?

It’s my birthday today!

It’s always been my birthday on the 27th December yet, probably due to the excitement around Christmas, so many people forget, including at times members of my own family. It can get annoying to be honest and why for the really big birthdays ( strange phrase really – ain’t all birthdays big, given the alternative! ) I tend to have to do something big, like a party, a trip or a full blown holiday.

The 27th is a bit of a fully day – in the UK, it tends to be the first day back to work after Christmas, it’s the second day of the sales and it tends to be seen as the calm before the build up to the New Year celebrations. We were having an interesting debate a few days back about New Years Eve and whether anyone really enjoys it? The consensus amongst our group was that they preferred New Year’s Day, as it signals a new start, rather than the end of the year that is New Years Eve. What’s your view?

We also thought that the fun around New Years Eve probably goes in cycles – when you’re young, it’s a night of drunken stupor, and when you are older, it’s a time to celebrate with a close set of friends. However, during the middle phase of life, when children are involved, it’s less exciting and probably more of an hassle as you try to juggle child care, taxis etc.

We are certainly in the middle part at the moment and will be for the next 7/8 years, although I’ve got another big birthday coming up in a couple of years so maybe that will bring us an opportunity to celebrate New Year in another culture….

Just starting to plan a trip that will provide many great memories, so open to ideas.

Well, better go and enjoy the rest of my birthday.