It’s Christmas Eve…..

24.12.2013. It’s Christmas Eve and he’s on his way. Yahhhhhhhh!

What’s your favourite memory of Christmas Eve? I think mine is the whole build up, from waking up as a child, knowing that there is just one sleep to go, through getting all of the final trimmings sorted during the day, to sitting down and watching a film, getting the milk/ mince pie ready for Santa to finally going to bed full of excitement.

Today’s been very similar to be fair, although looking at it from an adults eye is rather different than a child. Overall very relaxing, a little work in the morning, followed up by some family time mid afternoon, a birthday party at friends late afternoon and our favourite Christmas film – Miracle on 34th Street – this evening. The only thing missing was a roaring fire, which we felt wasn’t appropriate as we didn’t want Santa to burn his bum!

Christmas certainly changes as you grow older, but it’s still a magical time, if you allow yourself to enjoy it, rather than get caught up in the whole process. I think that we have got it about right this year and the home feels lovely decked out with the tree and decorations.

Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing my daughter excitedly open her presents – I remember the first three of four years of her life, when it would take her two or three days to open her gifts, as she would play with each one. I suspect that we won’t be waiting for the final present to be opened this year!

So, Merry Christmas everyone.