What makes us creative?

27.01.2014. Just been reading the excellent Kevin Roberts latest blog post, where he discusses Creative Competencies.

This is close to my heart at the moment, as I’m in the process of establishing an innovation culture into the organisation I’m working with. Creativity can come in many forms and I’ve found that it s often stifled as we get older. As a child we are at our most creative yet as we get older, we don’t develop this creativity or rather we let our need to conform stop us from appearing to be different.

Why is that?

We should encourage creativity at every opportunity!


Far too busy to work…

16.12.13. Back in the office today after a week and a half travelling working away. What should have been a catch up day rapidly deteriorated into a day where things started to happen that created lots of other things to do, so by the end of the day, the to do list had growth significantly, without much evidence of anything having been completed.

I’m sure you’ve had one of these days, when you just can’t get focused on anything because of other ‘crap’ – so frustrating.

Earlier in the evening, I at last got the chance to upload a new theme on this wordpress blog. What do you think about the design? Does it help you to become engaged? I’d really appreciate your views.

Lots of research on Innovation tomorrow, so that should be fun.