Towards a simple life….

12/12/13 – We are fast approaching that time of the year when all hell breaks loose and families are thrown together for a feast of jollity. No wonder the divorce rate goes up. Expectations are set way to high, fuelled by the media promoted vision of the great family Christmas.

I think it’s all gone way too far and I’m striving to go back to a simpler world, where the important things matter. Not how many presents you’ve got, or whether your presents are more expensive than mine. No, a simpler existence where we celebrate the time together, think about the good times and look ahead to the many good times ahead. Oh and watch the Queen!

I’ve started this move to a simpler life today actually, by moving on a couple of lease cars. The cars were lovely, but expensive and in reality were more about the image that they portrayed than anything else. I’ve replaced them with a couple of older vehicles that will do what I need them to do, in comfort and will over the course of the next few years, lose very little in value.

I sense that this desire for a simpler life is becoming more relevant these days, or is it just that I’ve reached an age when it suddenly hits you that the ‘things’ don’t matter – it’s the experiences that really count.

So, I turned off the PC, sat down and watched a great film with my daughter snuggled up on the couch – it was great! The feeling and the film. Interestingly, the film was all about the realisation that you become what you become through experiences and not the things have you have. There is a great line in the film – the number of gold medals that you win does not make the man. By the way, the film – Cool Runnings. I’ve watched it many times and it’s still funny, still a great story and still inspirational.