A very frustrating day thanks to BT

2.1.2014. What a frustrating day it has been today!

It started well enough, woke up to beautiful sunny, calm conditions and managed to take some great photographs on our walk along the beach. However, we have been waiting for a BT engineer for over a week to repair our phone and broadband and today was the day that we expected him, anytime between 1-6pm. I find this AM/PM thing really inconsiderate – it just means that you are sitting around waiting -whatever happened to putting the customer first?

Anyway, although I’d informed BT that in reality, we needed an early afternoon appointment given that the problem was with the wiring and as we live in the country, after 4:30, there is no light, 4pm arrives and still no sign of the engineer. Unfortunately, as we are in a remote part of the country, we cannot get a mobile signal either, so I have to travel a mile or so in order to make any calls. After waiting on the phone for 20 minutes, BT eventually answer but are unable to provide an update, so say that they will continue to investigate and call me back within 5 mins – 30 mins later, still no call.

I eventually receive a message 45 mins later to say that the engineer will not be coming today and that they will call me tomorrow! Great service. Thank you BT.

Apologies for the rant today but it’s so bloody frustrating!