Did Abbey Clancy deserve to win Strictly?

21.12.13 – the big news of the day – Abbey Clancy, one time model, WAG and significant other to Peter Crouch ( such an appropriate name, don’t you think as he is so tall, that is what he must do most of the time), came out triumphant in the 2013 Strictly Come Dancing.

I haven’t watched any of the series but I have to say that the final tonight was thoroughly enjoyable – some amazing dance routines not completely spoiled by the ever wooden Bruce Forsyth. If you haven’t seen the show, a second/third rate celebrity is paired with a professional dancer and over the course of the series they dance a selection of dances such as the jive or charleston. It’s a simple format that often includes a ‘fall guy’.

This year, the final was made up of three female celebrities, all vying to be top cat. Abbey was good but overall I felt that Natalie Gumede was the better performer on the night, although it was close.

After the show, I did offer to do some of the moves with my wife – there was one where the dancer threw their head into the groin of their partner before flipping over. For some reason, the wife wasn’t up for it!

Great family entertainment that helps to build the Christmas feeling. All we need now is snow and there are rumours flying around that we may get it early next week. Fingers crossed!


The weekend is upon us…

13/12/13. Friday the 13th. So far, nothing spooky has happened but you never know, I may get lucky tonight!

Now that would be spooky!

The penultimate weekend before Christmas and we are getting all geared up. Panto tomorrow and then a Christmas Dinner on Sunday with my folks who always go on holiday over Christmas and New Year. Panto should be fun. We’ve been going for many years with the same group of kids who all met at nursery. Not too sure how many more years the tradition will last but hey ho, let’s make the most of it whilst we can. “Oh no you won’t” I hear you shout…..

Funny old day, travelling again for a relatively short meeting, but one that was much more insightful than many. I’m sure that Virgin trains restrict the 3G signals on their trains to encourage you to buy their wifi – I simply couldn’t get a signal today so unable to take advantage of the 4 hours on the train.

I did catch up on some reading though, which is always useful, as well as listened to some music. The track that sums up the day is Ho Hey by The Lumineers. Great song.

What do you think?

11/12/13 – what a day to start a blog!


What a bloody day!

Spent 7 hours in a car travelling to and from a meeting that lasted 30 minutes! And I screwed it up!

But on a positive note, this is the last time in my lifetime that there will be an alignment of the date – 11th day of the 12th month in the 13th year if the century, so seemed a perfect date to start a blog.

What’s the blog all about? I don’t know, you’ll have to read each post won’t you!

Basically, it will include my view of my world each and every day for the next 365. So expect some great days, some really interesting days, some days when I wished I’d stayed in bed and other days when nothing really happens so the post will be short!

So back to today. Important ‘pitch’ for funding on a project that my team has been working on for the last few months and I balls it up! No excuses, just really bad approach and execution. The result…

Got agreement to proceed! Amazing I say.

So back in car for the drive home. Listened to a great ‘Confessions’ on the Simon Mayo Radio 2 show, which culminated with a large antique dining table collapsing on Christmas Day just as the Turkey was served. Forgiven as far as I’m concerned. Then took advantage of my iPod – what an eclectic mix of music I’ve got on there.

From Buddy Holly in the 50s to The Lumineers in the onesys, I think my favourite was also the last to be played – Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis. Watch the video here.

Sums up the day and way I feel perfectly.

See you tomorrow.