What makes us creative?

27.01.2014. Just been reading the excellent Kevin Roberts latest blog post, where he discusses Creative Competencies.

This is close to my heart at the moment, as I’m in the process of establishing an innovation culture into the organisation I’m working with. Creativity can come in many forms and I’ve found that it s often stifled as we get older. As a child we are at our most creative yet as we get older, we don’t develop this creativity or rather we let our need to conform stop us from appearing to be different.

Why is that?

We should encourage creativity at every opportunity!


How we learn.

7.01.2013. Following on from my post yesterday about Insights, I was intrigued by Seth Godin latest post – how to draw an owl.

Seth makes the point that in helping people to develop its not the showing that matters, it is the support that you provide afterwards that determines success. How you provide ongoing help and guidance, how you continue to educate them after they’ve started the process of learning, how you provide feedback and challenge them to do more.

In this information swamped world, I can absolutely guarantee that you can find information about what you need to do, but many people fail because they don’t have the support structure to help them achieve their desired success.

What a day…

15/12/13 – well that will go down in history!

Funny saying that. Don’t all days go down in history? But you know what I mean.

The day that the world said goodbye to Nelson Mandela, the biggest change agent the world has ever seen in my opinion. The day that Andy Murray won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year (does he have a personality?), the day Peter O’Toole dies and the day that Liverpool put 5 past Spurs at the Lane.

What a day!

My day was a little more routine, although having said that we did celebrate Christmas with my parents as they are flying off on holiday next Friday, so we had all the family round. Lovely dinner, some good laughs and a chill out this evening.

Overall, an event filled weekend.

Thinking about what my recommendation is today, and I don’t think it can be anything else but the book ‘A Long Walk to Freedom‘ – truly inspirational.