What makes us creative?

27.01.2014. Just been reading the excellent Kevin Roberts latest blog post, where he discusses Creative Competencies.

This is close to my heart at the moment, as I’m in the process of establishing an innovation culture into the organisation I’m working with. Creativity can come in many forms and I’ve found that it s often stifled as we get older. As a child we are at our most creative yet as we get older, we don’t develop this creativity or rather we let our need to conform stop us from appearing to be different.

Why is that?

We should encourage creativity at every opportunity!


Information overload…

20.01.14. Do you ever step back and consider the amount of information that you are inundated with each and every day?

Well, that is exactly what I’ve done today and I’m completely overwhelmed by the daily deluge. On average over the last few months, I have received over 250 emails each and every day, even over the weekend! I’ve compounded matters by running 5/6 email accounts – to cover off different businesses etc, but although this was originally the plan to make it easier to segment the flow of data, in reality, it has just created an even bigger problem.

Because of who I am and what I do, I’m constantly looking to develop my skills and knowledge and as such, in order to download materials, I sign up to mailing lists and therein lies the problem – as soon as you do this, you open yourself up to a potential deluge of information day after day. I’m getting emails from people that I’ve never even heard of, I certainly haven’t signed up to and in many instances these SPAM messages don’t have the option to unsubscribe.


I certainly need to spend some time, systematically unsubscribing from mailing lists and putting my inbox into some kind of order. The challenge is that as each passing day goes by, the problem gets bigger! Although we are blessed to live in a period where we have access to all kinds of information and data, literally at the touch of a button, we have also opened ourselves up to the challenge of information overload – and I’ve not even spoke about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Aaaargh!

Isn’t it wonderful when the world delivers…

18.01.2014 – this morning, I’ve woken up and checked my emails, only to find one from Secret Escapes, in which it talks about things to do ( and not to do) in Venice. Perfect timing this, as we are off to Venice in three weeks.

Although we’ve been to Venice many times before and know the city reasonably well, it is such a labyrinth that there is simply loads to do, with jewels around virtually every corner. Within the article, there was a couple of things that caught my eye – a visit to one of the palaces on the Grand Canal – we stay in one of them the Gritti Palace, but it will be great to see one in its original splendour. Another recommendation is to go to the opera. We’ve been to a Vivaldi concert before but an opera sounds good so let’s mark that down.

I’m looking forward to our four days/ three nights in Venice. It’s such a special place. From the moment you get off the place and onto the water taxi, it feels that you are in the middle of a film set. I just love wandering around, sitting down in one of the many caf├ęs and simply watch the world go by.

Can’t wait!

How we learn.

7.01.2013. Following on from my post yesterday about Insights, I was intrigued by Seth Godin latest post – how to draw an owl.

Seth makes the point that in helping people to develop its not the showing that matters, it is the support that you provide afterwards that determines success. How you provide ongoing help and guidance, how you continue to educate them after they’ve started the process of learning, how you provide feedback and challenge them to do more.

In this information swamped world, I can absolutely guarantee that you can find information about what you need to do, but many people fail because they don’t have the support structure to help them achieve their desired success.

Back home and raring to go….

3.1.2014. We eventually travelled back home last night, avoiding the dreadful storms that have been battering the West of the UK, so that we could get everything straight before going back to work on Monday.

Today’s has been a great day – I’ve managed to get so much done. I’ve been working on a new website and had invested in some new technology the back end of last year. Yesterday, it all came together and I really started to get to grips with how the software works. Needless to say within 6 hours, I’d developed up a new site for MyGoalBook – it’s got a much fresher look now and fits well with the app.

After a chillax early evening, we sat back and watched one of our favorite TV series – Silent Witness, which started again this week. I gave to say, slightly disappointed with some of the acting if I’m honest but let’s see how things develop later in the series.

Busy weekend ahead, ferrying the children around to parties etc, but hopefully I’ll get the chance to get out on the bike soon – if not this weekend, certainly next.

Winter vomiting virus hits home…

17.12.13. My youngest daughter woke up early this morning, announcing the arrival of the winter vomiting virus in our household. All day long, she has been feeling and then being sick. I feel so sorry for her, especially as she was forced to miss the Christingle at the village church, where she was to take a lead role.

Fortunately, a number of my meetings had been rescheduled so I was able to stay home with her. Don’t you find that these unexpected opportunities are a godsend – I was able to catch up on so many small things that I’ve been putting off, managed to move a few really important projects forward as well as take the opportunity over lunch to read a number of my favourite blogs.

Every time that I do so, I think to myself that I should do it more often – I always pick up on something that is oh so relevant. And today has been no different. I really enjoy Seth Godin and Kevin Roberts. Today, I got introduced to Lewis Howes who issues a weekly podcast – this week is an interview with the worlds No.1 Poker player. An interesting perspective on life.

After such a busy day, sat back with a lovely glass of Merlot, watched a film and then caught up with Homeland – not too sure whether this series is as good as previous ones – they have maybe pushed the franchise to the limit.

So another day comes to an end – I’m sleeping in the guest bed as my daughter wanted to sleep with mummy!

Nite nite.