It’s all coming together

13.01.2014. I had a lightbulb moment today, when things have all clicked into place.

Over the last few months, I’ve been undertaking an interim role, helping an organisation to set up a new function. Without any clear direction from the Exec team, I’ve been asked to develop a strategy for the function as well as an operating framework. The area in question is vast and I’ve been struggling of late to see how best to position my recommendations.

Well, during the day today, it has all become a little clearer. Why is that?

Well, I’ve given myself some time to think, not specifically about this, but just some time. I’ve also had a couple of really interesting meetings where I had to talk about how I see things developing and that ‘pressure’ of having to present a coherent view provided the platform for me to just say it out loud, and guess what, it worked.

This approach has worked for me many time before, although it is a high risk strategy as you sometimes can make yourself appear less than prepared. However, as they say, feel the fear and do it anyway and gauge the reaction. The feedback that you get can be very informing on whether you are on the right tracks.


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