Personality profiles – how good can they be?

6.1.2014. First day back at work today and I’d scheduled a session for the team to review how they could better understand themselves and others and provide the inspiration for them to make a positive difference in everything they do. Sounds impressive!

The session was based on the Insights methodolodoly. In order to be an exceptional business with great leaders and dedicated employees, you need to work out your strengths – individually and as an organisation. Insights can help you strengthen internal and external relationships, improve teamwork and collaboration and be more innovative. Enough of their sales message!

I’ve done a number of similar activities in the past including Myers Briggs and the like. However I have to say that the outputs from Insights are the most accurate that I’ve come across. It sums me up perfectly! Very clever!

I enjoy these types of session, when you are learning what makes you tick, but more importantly what makes other people tick. Once you understand this, you can be much more effective in your communication. We all tend to communicate to other people in our language – describing things in a way that makes sense to us. However, if the other person is configured in a different way, then the message will be lost. Start to understand their configuration and adapt your language to their preferences and you’ll suddenly become far more effective.

That’s one of the challenges with a blog as a communication tool – it’s too ‘me to you’ rather than a conversation. I’d love to engage in a conversation so please do leave your comments.


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