Back home and raring to go….

3.1.2014. We eventually travelled back home last night, avoiding the dreadful storms that have been battering the West of the UK, so that we could get everything straight before going back to work on Monday.

Today’s has been a great day – I’ve managed to get so much done. I’ve been working on a new website and had invested in some new technology the back end of last year. Yesterday, it all came together and I really started to get to grips with how the software works. Needless to say within 6 hours, I’d developed up a new site for MyGoalBook – it’s got a much fresher look now and fits well with the app.

After a chillax early evening, we sat back and watched one of our favorite TV series – Silent Witness, which started again this week. I gave to say, slightly disappointed with some of the acting if I’m honest but let’s see how things develop later in the series.

Busy weekend ahead, ferrying the children around to parties etc, but hopefully I’ll get the chance to get out on the bike soon – if not this weekend, certainly next.


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