Happy New Year

My final post of 2013, a year that I will look back on fondly. As I highlighted yesterday, the year has contained some memorable events, some great people, significant highs and less lows than recent years.

We’ve just completed our family wish list for 2014 and for the first time structured it around the ‘wheel of life’ – our daughter is old enough now to understand the need for balance in different areas of life. It’s been a very interesting exercise and has established a set of clear goals for us too aim for in theNew Year.

The weather has been pretty poor all day so we changed plans and stayed in for most of the day, although we did manage to give the dog a run on the beach between showers. I’m not one for New Years Eve actually – I’d much rather celebrate the coming of the New Year tomorrow. Unfortunately the annual run into the sea is at risk due to the weather. I hope that it can take place – it is an amazing spectacle and a very funny way to kick off the New Year, full of laughter.

Anyway, off to watch the bells on TV now.

Happy New Year everyone.


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