The Premiership could be vintage in 2014

23.12.2013. Are you a football fan? If so and you follow the English game, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this season is shaping up to be a vintage year.

Whereas in the last 10 years, by now you could make a decent claim on who would be champions, this year any team from five or six have a realistic chance, especially after tonight’s game between Arsenal and Chelsea, which has ended in a draw. Only 8 points now separate the top 7/8 teams going into the busy festive period, so everything augers well 2014.

I enjoy football, playing and watching, although I seem to do more watching than playing in recent years! It’s a shame that a lot of the characters are no longer in the game, everything is far more professional than when I started watching. The quality of the play is exponentially better, but certainly some of the fun has left the game. Players are much more aloof now and don’t tend to liaise with the punters as much, which is a shame.

No good moaning though as the horse as bolted and we will never return to the more traditional game.


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