Did Abbey Clancy deserve to win Strictly?

21.12.13 – the big news of the day – Abbey Clancy, one time model, WAG and significant other to Peter Crouch ( such an appropriate name, don’t you think as he is so tall, that is what he must do most of the time), came out triumphant in the 2013 Strictly Come Dancing.

I haven’t watched any of the series but I have to say that the final tonight was thoroughly enjoyable – some amazing dance routines not completely spoiled by the ever wooden Bruce Forsyth. If you haven’t seen the show, a second/third rate celebrity is paired with a professional dancer and over the course of the series they dance a selection of dances such as the jive or charleston. It’s a simple format that often includes a ‘fall guy’.

This year, the final was made up of three female celebrities, all vying to be top cat. Abbey was good but overall I felt that Natalie Gumede was the better performer on the night, although it was close.

After the show, I did offer to do some of the moves with my wife – there was one where the dancer threw their head into the groin of their partner before flipping over. For some reason, the wife wasn’t up for it!

Great family entertainment that helps to build the Christmas feeling. All we need now is snow and there are rumours flying around that we may get it early next week. Fingers crossed!


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